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Digital Teacher was created by John Doubleday a Design and Technology teacher based in Tasmania Australia.

Think of Digital Teacher as a special aquarium. A safe online space where the fish (your students) and you (the octopus) share the space. They have information to learn and play with. A place a bit like

Other more mundane reasons:

  • A basic desire to move on from the wasteful, expensive photocopying era. I often found photocopying produced poor transfer quality of images and other visual information. Yep visual learning is where I am atSmile.


I believe that digital content managed in a LMS (school or other wise) can give students an individual learning path. They can access information when  they need it and how they need it. This form of online access to your school work is becoming know as Flipping your classroom or Flipped classroom.

What ever it is called some students like to read while others like to view images. To support visual learners  and their teachers I also create video in a SCORM wrapper. This means that the LMS can 'read' the inbuilt video quiz. The teachers can see the results of a student watching the video.........great for skill development or the understanding of how to use a piece of equipment.

  • There are many other advantages in having your work online and within your own LMS.

    This is of major importance when on contract which I have been for many years. Digital Teacher has allowed me to set up a class and have my students register and check a video at home (Flipped Classroom) before I have even had a login for the school system….bliss and so professional. The same can be said about other online storage. Contract teachers owe it to themselves to look after their own content.

  • Most of us are starting to becoming better acquainted with ITC and as it becomes cheaper, reliable and above all accessible TOOLS FOR YOU opportunities appear that may not have been there a few months ago. As digital technologies become more reliable and common, many individuals now have the tools and skills to create their own media rich online environment for their students to access but don’t have a permanent web address. Digital Teacher can change all that.


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