Concept: A History Trail using Google Maps and linking all communities between Launceston and Hobart using the remains of the old highway. How it connects the coaching towns of the midlands route to our history...through images, video and links.

Used wisely and not to commercially this could become a great source of the history and build interest in the area. There must be some amazing stories to be told. People become interested by hearing stories...... start getting people visiting the area online by telling a story of just one person. Add historical photos, sketches or make a video of a few images. Get the local students involved, retirees are a great inspiration for this project. Drop by the Facebook page, join so that everyone can keep in touch with what has been added, when and by whom. 

So 'Back to the Future'.  Tasmanian History Trail Facebook ....Cool


Google Maps for Educators  This  Link may be of help.


View HISTORY RIDE:Old Midlands Highway in a larger map


If you want to activate this public map:

1You must have a google account and students have to be 18 but you can use your teacher account and then de-activate for students after use

Click on the Link

3Click on 'my places'

4Click on 'History Ride' on the left

There is a sample place mark. You can then 'edit' the map by adding a place holder. Your images will already be in an online storage somewhere. Add you image Link into the place holder and you are done. Almost to easy.



Great activity for school students of the midlands to walk or ride down the road of history and document their work on this Google Map. Perhaps add an historic image or action exactly in the same spot. . Some digital media skills will be needed. Guidelines to come if needed. Please get in touch with me on the Contact page or email.

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Digital Teacher

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