Digital Teacher can assist your school with online learning needs. As well as Moodle support we can help create.




A Video embedded with a quiz is the easiest way to go. Results are recorded in your school LMS. Training and assessment for teachers or students, done in one viewing and no complex questionaries or Moodle Course to fill in. Ask for an example.



·         Low volume training and assessment for coaches, staff training for ICT and other administration responsibilities, First Aid, OH&S training, to name just a few.



·        Individuals or departments as a reward for innovative teaching practice.

·        A specific Department to jointly use Digital Teacher for all their assessment tasks. Using a small enthusiastic area of the school as a motivator to get into elearning. This could become a powerful tool to show all teachers the advantages of e-learning before going into a school wide implementation.

·        Photocopy reduction at your school. The before and after calculations could be easily used in a school wide environmental audit. Supported with a school subject text and  computer the LMS has the potential to remove the need for photocopying. The photocopy budget could go towards supporting the subscription to Digital Teacher. 

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