The reason I changed to using Moodle as my chosen LMS was the huge support network for users and developers. In this case big is better. This will leave you to create the small personal online environment we humans so enjoy. There are many great sites for learning how to get the best out of your Moodle. As Digital Teacher develops I will open up the user forum. Here we will be able to support you with links, how to’s, etc. I plan to go part-time teaching next year so I am particularly looking forward to this task. I already am inspired by other Moodle users around the world and can’t wait to show you the real potential of a LMS like Moodle. It can be so much more than a question bank.

On the technical side, the website and the Moodle are managed by the same professional business in Sydney Australia. This gives Digital Teacher a particularly stable environment, so important if you have your class work online. Although both the website and Moodle are protected by strong and up to date virus checkers, there will be a responsibility on your part to check and verify each and every registration to a course that you run. The internet is full of spam and people intent on annoying us. Check out this link to understand a little more.

You will be a very important stage in keeping out spam. I will have to make a Moodle quiz on ‘how to keep out spam’

Exciting time for teaching and learning.

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